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Back-End Developer

Toronto, Canada



What We Are Building

We are a YC-backed startup based in Toronto that brings visibility and trust into petroleum testing, an activity that underpins billions in transaction value and places lives at risk when (frequently) done poorly. We build software and IoT hardware that makes it easy to manage complex science experiments with sophisticated equipment in very remote environments. We are working on a challenging problem and love to have very smart people buy into the vision to build amazing products and services for industries that have been largely ignored by technology so far.


Role Description

As a Back-End Developer, you will:

  • Develop code with performance, scalability, and reusability in mind
  • Design robust APIs and database schemas
  • Take on DevOps responsibilities

Desired Qualifications

  • Growth mindset, passion for learning new things, restlessness
  • Minimum 1-2 years of professional experience, preferably in a fast-paced environment, ideally at a startup or rapidly growing company
  • Experience with at least one of: database management system, DevOps, and/or embedded systems
  • Experience with REST API design/development
  • Server-side programming experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or extensive practical experience with software development


Bonus Qualifications

  • Familiar with Elixir/Erlang, the Phoenix Framework and Python
  • Familiar with Azure or AWS
  • Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL or equivalent
  • Knowledge of proper QA practices, including automated testing
  • Familiar with React.js, Angular 2 or similar framework
  • Experience with data analytics
  • Basic understanding of physics, chemistry (1st or 2nd year level)
  • Any exposure to large industrial processes, chemical/biochemical analysis and/or logistics


Who We Are

We are a group of intellectually curious people who are passionate about bringing innovation to large industries like oil & gas. If you would like to join a fast-paced, rapidly changing and exciting start-up and think this description sounds like you, please send your resume to both Ian Burgess and Nouman Ahmad at, and complete the form below.

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