In-line Calibration | Validere
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In-Line Calibration

Take guessing out of readings.


Hard to verify whether meters are calibrated

Product fixed
Measurements depend on standard properties

Decisions to void in-line measurements go unrecorded


Samples scheduled and meters proved in real-time


Calibrated to product-specific properties


 Audit trail for all key decisions

Technical Info

In-line readings are time-synced with scheduled samples and compared to determine when in-lines are out of calibration

One-point calibrations are performed using results to correct in-line instruments

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Perform time-synced comparisons between in-lines
and scheduled field tests on samples

Automatically be notified when in-lines drift

Prove that in-lines readings are accurate

Auto-generate stream specific correction
curves for in-lines

Automatically correct in-line readings based on the stream that is being measured

Prove that in-lines readings are accurate

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