Get $5 to $9 more for the same barrel.

Midstream and E&P companies have little visibility into true product quality. The most important operational decisions are made with undeniable data. Enter Validere. We’re bridging human and artificial intelligence to help oil & gas organizations capture significantly more value.

Transformative innovation
for midstream & E&P operations.

Today’s most innovative midstream and E&P organizations rely on Validere’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to drive radically better blending, logistics, and trading decisions.


Capture more value per barrel with Validere audited data

Blend effectively and capture more arbitrage with Validere insights

Easily schedule field measurement activities and 3rd party lab samples

Trust in-line analyzers and high-cost measurement infrastructure


Get the true value for your product with Validere intelligence

Know your true product value without relying on downstream tests

Get more value for your product by optimizing your blending

Outsource your quality operations to Validere to lower costs

Step 1. Know true product quality

Validere 360 (IoT)

Enhance operations from the field to HQ with data you can trust. Validere’s IoT platform consolidates, automates, and validates all quality data onto a single IoT platform. Real-time, reliable insights empower your teams to proactively pinpoint issues and make better, faster decisions.

  • Trust quality data for production accounting

  • Promptly resolve custody transfer disputes

  • Never overpay for wet product again

  • Keep on-line analyzers calibrated with ease

  • Reduce re-tests, missed samples, & miscommunication

  • Detect off-spec shipments in advance

Gain $2-$3 / barrel.


  • Intuitive sampling, testing workflow management & compliance tools
  • Alerting on off-spec results and outstanding workflows
  • Automated data entry and easy tracking/audit (Integration of quality data: FL, 3PL, OLA)
  • Multi-source trending
  • Alerting when on-lines drift and quick calibration with calibration curves
  • Intuitive equalization calculator
  • Industry expert advice on sampling & testing methods, calibration, resource allocation

Data integrity concerns?

We address data integrity gaps with both Valdiere devices and vendor-netural hardware.

We build proprietary hardware when lack of reliable equipment leaves big holes in your data set:

Validere Centrifuge Tube Reader

  • Digitizes key manual process
  • Providing an important data stream to Validere 360

  • Reduces human error

  • Provides client with important audit trail

Vapour Pressure Field Test Kit

  • Allows high quality blending at smaller remote facilities
  • Fast – results in 2 min
  • Portable and low cost
  • Automated Workflow management with Validere 360


When data integrity gaps remain, we’ll advise you on the optimal vendor-neutral instruments to fit your needs.


Get in touch to learn more.

Step 2. Optimize barrel value

Validere Alpha (AI)

Optimize blending, logistics, and trading. Validere Alpha uses verified Validere 360 data and a proprietary AI engine to optimize blending, logistics, and trading. Smart, real-time insights across all business units guide you to getting significantly more value for the same barrel.

  • Know which streams to blend for maximum arbitrage

  • Quickly view and schedule all facility product movement

  • Instantly audit all product purchases and deliveries

  • Quickly assess ROI of new infrastructure investment

Gain $4-$6 / barrel.

Innovating with human and artificial intelligence.


We believe the most complex challenges can only be solved by blending tech innovation with a deep understanding of the industry. By bringing together fowrward-thinking AI data scientists, industry veterans, and physical scientists. All working towards the same goal – to innovate oil & gas.

Join a team whose potential matches yours.

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