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Real-time visibility and insights to guide decisions.

At Validere, we’ve recognized that there’s a massive gap between the magnitude of product quality decisions being made by organizations each month, and the reliability of the dataset that informs them. That’s why we’ve built a powerful platform that consolidates quality data from all the sources that matter, delivering real-time visibility, actionable alerts, and predictive insights for improving margins.

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Why is product quality so important?

  • Quality underpins everything, it is a central determinant of what product is worth and where it can be delivered 
  • Quality is a key lever for margin enhancement and increased efficiencies across the entire supply chain
  • The ability to achieve better operational times, at higher margins, simply due to more accurate product quality
  • The industry is increasingly rewarding counterparties that make product quality measurement a focus

Why now?

  • Technology advancements now make it possible to gather, validate, and predict product quality properties
  • End product markets shifting due to changing industrial demands and new environmental rules, altering preferred crude product qualities
  • Increased quality volatility has caused pressure to squeeze margins and utilize technology to gain efficiencies
  • A reputation for quality is a critical upper hand in a competitive market 
  • A shortage of tech and industry expertise in oil & gas


Optimize existing infrastructure utilization, improve margins, and avoid quality specific risks through product composition data.


Know true product value in real-time to improve operational efficiency and manage quality risks and costs.

Exploration & Production

Capture more value per barrel with audited real-time quality data to optimize existing infrastructure while preventing operational risks.

Trusted by 40+ of North America’s leading oil and gas companies.

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  • E & P
  • Midstream
  • Refinery

Validere 360

Rely on unequivocal product quality data to inform decisions that improve margins.


Validere 360 consolidates, automates, and validates all quality data onto a single platform. Real-time, reliable insights empower your teams to proactively pinpoint issues and make better, faster decisions.

Validere Edge

The essential platform for marketing, trading & commercial operations.


Validere Edge facilitates the highest value commercial and trading opportunities by analyzing real-time pricing, transportation data, and internal and external product qualities.

Innovating with human and artificial intelligence.


We believe the most complex challenges can only be solved by blending technology with a deep understanding of the industry. By bringing together forward-thinking AI data scientists, industry veterans, and physical scientists. All working towards the same goal – to innovate oil & gas.

Join a team whose potential matches yours.

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