2022 Energy Predictions: Ian's Insight - Validere
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2022 Energy Predictions

Ian’s Insight: Decoupling of Emissions and ESG

All ESG considerations go through three broad phases—activism, discovery, and execution. First, we see public debate of whether to address an issue or not. Once the issue graduates to the discovery phase, companies look for the right initiatives to solve the problem. Finally, the market figures out how to address the issue and achieve a real investment return. Ian believes emissions will proceed into phase two this year.

“We’re going to see an acceleration of the decoupling of emissions from most of the other considerations in ESG.”

What could Ian’s prediction mean for your organization?

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Division on ESG Investment

Meet Validere’s Energy Experts


Director, Sales Enablement

Hillary is a subject matter expert on crude oil trends and their impact on the North American crude oil supply chain, with particular expertise in Cushing oil storage, North American refining, and pipeline networks.

Ian Burgess

Co-Founder & President

Ian is an interdisciplinary scientist whose inventions have been recognized with an R&D 100 Award and featured in Scientific American, Chemical & Engineering News, Nature Photonics, and Materials Today.


SVP, Strategy

Mark has significant experience advising energy and infrastructure companies as an investment banker with Barclays, completing over $18 billion of M&A and $5 billion of capital market transactions.

tamar_epstein_i (1)

General Counsel

Tamar has 15 years of extensive in-house legal experience in the energy sector. As an ESG practitioner, Tamar is passionate about advancing innovation to help the industry meet sustainability goals.