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Nice to meet you.

We’re a team on a mission to transform the $40-trillion global energy trade. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and brings unique talents to the table, but we’re all here for the same reason: to solve complex challenges and make a profound impact with some of the brightest and kindest people we know. Join us, you might like it here.

Backed by some of the world’s most notable investors.

With offices in Houston, Calgary, and Toronto, Validere was founded by Harvard graduate and award-winning scientist Dr. Ian Burgess and entrepreneur Nouman Ahmad, who recognized the enormous opportunity to bring data transparency to the energy industry. Validere has raised $25M+ from leading tech and energy investors to fundamentally transform the industry that powers our world. We bridge artificial intelligence with human expertise to help energy companies realize large efficiencies and reduce their environmental footprint.


Meet our team.

Validere is a collective of domain experts on a mission to transform the energy industry. Above all, we’re a team who cares deeply about solving real problems & helping people.

Reward your career.

Competitive compensation and stock options. At Validere, we’re all owners.
Comprehensive health benefits and generous parental / family leave.
Professional development support to master and grow your craft.
An ego-free environment where diversity of people and thought is valued.
Opportunity to impact the trajectory of a fast growing tech company.

Our values.

Quality matters. It’s not just product quality that we’re solving, we believe our calling is to deliver quality in everything we do. Our atypically high quality bar leads us to sweat every detail, for every customer. Below are the four core values that drive our words, actions, and people.

Deliver (the highest) value.

  • always start from the customer
  • quality over quantity – focus on what matters
  • be(come) an expert & master your craft
  • take ownership and get your hands dirty no matter your title
  • find the root of complex problems. then dig deeper to solve it
  • zig when others zag, innovation rarely comes from following norms

Remove friction.

  • remove friction for customers > your team > you (in that order)
  • don’t guess, talk to the customer, and often
  • take the extra step to untangle complexity
  • base success on execution, not insight identification
  • no constraints, no egos, silos, no sacred cows
  • 3-word policy on just about everything: use good judgment

Make it more scalable everyday.

  • solve for one, systemize for many. dVi/dN > 0
  • seek out patterns & codify them
  • grind to deliver elegant and scalable solutions
  • build for the long term. don’t hack it
  • move fast, iterate faster, share the learnings
  • make yourself scalable: live & work smarter (not just harder)

Be well, fair, transparent.

  • default to fairness & transparency
  • be generous with your time & invest in each other’s development
  • seek to first understand, then be understood
  • build trust and better outcomes by freely sharing with the team
  • make better decisions when everyone is heard
  • promote balance & wellbeing – it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Work with us.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys untangling complexity and solving challenging problems, you should consider joining Validere.

Want to join our team, but don’t see your ideal role listed here?
Contact us.