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Commodity Marketing, Made Easy

Enable end-to-end commodity management, pricing optimization and seamless movement across the entire system. You handle production, we help make marketing it easy.


Identify new marketing opportunities & long-term partners.

Leverage our platform and experts for strategic advice to identify new delivery locations and long-term partnerships.

Automate back-office processes. 

Streamline daily marketing tasks like data entry and reporting to ensure data integrity and reduce time spent on low-value data management.


Increase netbacks through system-wide diagnostics.

Capitalize on potential netback uplift opportunities and fully optimize the value of your portfolio.

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Disclaimer: Validere Commercial Services Inc. (“VCSI”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Validere Technologies Inc and an affiliated entity of Validere Technologies Ltd. (collectively “Validere”). VCSI provides physical product oil and gas marketing and risk management services to its energy industry customers. VCSI does not participate as a trading company that takes active exposure in the market and does not own any physical oil and gas producing, processing, distribution or refining assets. As part of the Validere group of companies, VCSI complies with Validere’s strict standards around data integrity and security. Sensitive customer information (“Information”) provided in the course of an engagement is maintained as confidential. Except where consent has been provided, (i) Information is utilized only for the provision of contracted services; and (ii) VCSI employees and consultants do not have access to Validere customer Information.