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Data Scientist

Toronto, Canada

Contact: [email protected]


What We Are Building

We’re a small team with big dreams. Harvard born & Y Combinator backed, we’re a startup taking on big challenges. Our first focus is reshaping lab testing for large industries like oil & gas. We might be from different places, and bring different talents to the table, but we’re all here for the same reason. To transform large industry verticals and make a dent in the world, with the smartest people we know. Join us – you might like it here.


Role Description

As a Data Scientist, you will:

  • Combine rigorous statistical analysis with first-principles insights from physics and chemistry to improve the accuracy and efficiency of customers’ instrumentation and measurement practices
  • Build data infrastructure and automated analytics tools
  • Build visualization tools to explain insights to the relevant stakeholders (field technicians, measurement managers, traders and executives)


Desired Qualifications

  • Growth mindset, passion for learning new things, restlessness
  • First-principles thinking – you have the strong desire to understand any topic at a deeper level than most, and are unsatisfied with decisions based on convention or unjustified assumptions
  • Ability to formulate and test hypotheses quickly and efficiently
  • Experience in setting up the data infrastructure for projects
  • Understanding and experience with basic (e.g. random forest, SVMs) and advanced (e.g. deep learning, stochastic processes) machine learning methods
  • Comfortable building utility code and handling miscellaneous support tasks
  • Strong proficiency with Python and common data science packages (NumPy, Pandas, SciPy)
  • Experience with relational databases and comfortable with SQL query syntax.
  • Comfortable working with disparate data sources (i.e SQL, CSV, APIs) and familiar with data source normalization pipelines
  • Advanced degree (MSc or PhD) in computer science, engineering or another mathematically related field (e.g. Physics, Math, Statistics, etc.), or equivalent research relevant experience outside of academia
  • Basic understanding of physics, chemistry (1st or 2nd year level)


Bonus Qualifications

  • Any exposure to large industrial processes, chemical/biochemical analysis and/or logistics
  • Experience with TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Spark, SciKit Learn, or other libraries related to machine learning, signal processing and data visualization.
  • Comfortable with real-time data pipelines or stream-processing platforms such as Kafka
  • Comfortable with Unix like operating systems  (Linux, MacOS X) and command line interfaces


Who We Are

We are a group of intellectually curious people who are passionate about bringing innovation to large industries like oil & gas. If you would like to join a fast-paced, rapidly changing and exciting start-up and think this description sounds like you, please send your resume and relevant links (Github, LinkedIn) to [email protected], and complete the form below.

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