Data Intelligence | The Future of Oil Testing.
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Data Intelligence

Make better decisions with streamlined data.


Multiple sources
Data in different places from various sources


Unreadable data from scattered sources

Between in-lines, field and third party lab data


Limited audit trail


Single platform
All data consolidated in one place

Digitize all your testing data

Easily compare in-line, field & 3rd party data

Access audit trail for all tests in real-time across the organization

Technical Info

Data automatically uploaded from

Local SCADA system
Direct connection to benchtop lab instruments
Validere’s proprietary connected field instruments

*Manual operator entry possible through web & mobile

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detailing our solutions and how they can be implemented.

View data from all your instruments in one place

Compare your results and generate reports seamlessly

Know which of your instruments are most accurate

Live connection to
lab devices

Automated data entry

Reduces transcription errors and streamlines the dissemination of testing results

Easily keep track of the crude quality in all your streams

Pinpoint the source of process deviations – increase visibility into your operations

Decrease the frequency of operational upsets

Access all testing reports, calibration records, and maintenance records

Increase field visibility and build a robust audit trail

Decrease custody transfer dispute frequency and resolve remaining disputes more quickly

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