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We’re excited to meet you.

Every company is different. That is why we customize our solutions to your organization’s unique needs. Validere blends AI and IoT innovation with deep industry expertise to give Midstream and E&P companies the edge in blending, logistics, and trading.

Know your true product quality with Validere 360 (IoT)

Validere 360 automates all quality data onto a single IoT platform. It provides the highest confidence into true product quality. Real-time alerts empower the field to proactively pinpoint issues and make better, faster decisions.

  • Promptly resolve custody transfer disputes
  • Trust quality data for production accounting
  • Never overpay for wet product again
  • Keep on-line analyzers calibrated with ease
  • Reduce re-tests, missed samples, miscommunication
  • Detect off-spec shipments in advance
  • Gain $2 to $3 / barrel
Optimize barrel value with Validere Alpha (AI)

Validere Alpha uses verified Validere 360 data and our proprietary AI engine to optimize all blending, logistics, and trading. Smart, real-time insights across your business units guide you to getting significantly more value for the same barrel.

  • Know exactly which streams to blend for maximum arbitrage
  • Quickly assess ROI of new infrastructure investment
  • Easily view and schedule all product movement in your facilities
  • Instantly audit all product purchases and deliveries
  • Gain $4 to $6 / barrel

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