Edge | Blend Builder, Quality Optimization

Validere’s Edge platform has new features! Please read on to learn more about the customizable Blend Builder and the optimize button.

Blend Builder

This feature effectively allows users to create a blend model in the Edge portal. The Blend Builder’s goal is to quickly and accurately calculate quality properties and the associated profit from blending two or more components. Users can choose to build blends from scratch by using;

  • Locations they have matched with in the past
  • Producer barrels they are currently matched with
  • Barrels currently being purchased that can be manually onboarded exclusively for the user specific portal


All data and blends remain confidential in the users personal directory of saved blends which can be seamlessly shared between company peers through the Edge application. Validere’s Blend Builder can be used both as a powerful analytical tool to optimize margins and a platform to grow user business.

Make custom blends.

Edit the quality details and save your specified blend.

Optimize Button

The optimize button allows users to instantaneously determine what combination of volumes from a predefined list of components will result in the highest potential blend profit. Further, it ensures the calculated blend always remains within pipeline quality specifications. Users can easily and entirely transfer existing blend models into Edge and run them through optimization algorithms and heuristics created by chemistry professionals. Many company blend models either completely lack optimization techniques, or they are created using linear relationships. With the addition of the optimize button in Edge, blend optimization is quickly achievable and ensures accuracy on blended quality components that blend non-linearly.

Add several components.

Optimize your blend. 


Would you benefit from a walk-through of the new features? Please reach out and our Edge team would be happy to book a time with you.


We encourage you to flag other features that will be useful as everything we’ve built is based on our client needs!

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Tess O'Hara