Edge | Multi-Component Blend Tool, Multiple Pricing Periods

Validere’s Edge Platform now has two new features live! Please read on to see details on the multi-component blending tool and the multiple pricing period optionality.

Multi-Component Blend Tool

The purpose of the multi-component blend tool is to maximize arbitrage potential for our Edge users using multiple sell sites as opposed to only one. Our blend optimizer can now be used to evaluate how a blend would look when purchasing user selected volumes from the existing Edge customer base. The buyer is able to choose a seller from a list of previously presented opportunities. The user can further edit prices or volume quantities to formulate a preferred blend. Validere Edge continues to focus on assisting clients with moving all linear modelling done in existing spreadsheets into a robust and efficient software.

Manually enter quality specifications for your product.

Quality details of your specified blend.

You can now view this feature in your buy-side portal.

Multiple Pricing Periods

This feature provides a user with more optionality on Edge to view opportunities within a production month they are looking to transact in. All pricing periods will be updated frequently to give a representation of the true market value of their blend.

Edge now allows you to choose to view opportunities in the current month or next month, and view opportunities using the index price or the current spot price. Further to this, the user can choose to view what opportunities will look like two or three months away. This assists in getting barrels and nominations lined up before the trade cycle begins.

Toggle between multiple pricing periods.


Would you benefit from a walk-through of the new features? Please reach out and our Edge team would be happy to book a time with you.


We encourage you to flag other features that will be useful as everything we’ve built is based on our client needs!

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Tess O'Hara