Edge | September Product Updates

We’re always working on adding even more value for users of the Edge platform. This month, we’re pleased to introduce new capabilities that help drive maximum blend profit and open up additional opportunities for buyers/mid-streamers who want to build optimized blend terminals and sellers who want to better evaluate their netbacks.

New Optimize Terminal Button

Source more barrels and seek out incremental volume in an efficient way. Now, with just a click of the Optimize button, you can take a buy site or a blend that has been pre-created and optimize it against the entire Edge universe for increased blend revenue.

Here’s how to use the new feature:

Step 1

Click into a pre-created blend in Blend Builder

Click the Optimize button.

Step 2

You’ll now see the Blend Summary screen. Review or edit the spec limits of your target stream and select Max and Min volumes of the components that already contribute to the selected blend. 

Click Optimize Terminal button.

A popup window appears to confirm that your Terminal Optimization has been submitted.

Step 3

You will receive a confirmation email when the optimization is complete and ready to be viewed. Click the link in the email to go to the Optimize Blend section of your Edge portal. Now you can start finding new producers/customers to increase your blend revenue!

New Multi Component Blends in Opportunities

Now you can see the optimal amount of sellers that will contribute to the highest possible blend profit while meeting your target stream specs.

You’ll find the expanded listings in your buy side Opportunities portal.

New Public Terminals in Netbacks

Until now, Netback Comparison tools only showed customers on Edge. With this new feature, Producers can evaluate the best Netback with: 

  • buyers they’ve never considered before (existing clients) 
  • public midstream terminals that they could have delivered to in the past


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Tess O'Hara