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Carbon Hub

Emissions Management, Made Easy

Overcome the unique emissions management challenges in energy with ease. Validere connects all your operational and emissions data to create an integrated view of your emissions inventory in one verifiable and centralized source.

Asset 38

Gain visibility into your emissions.

Calculate and track all Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and respond to changing market and regulatory conditions.

Asset 23

Power all the reports you need.

Streamline reporting obligations for both regulators and stakeholders with the help of industry-specific expertise.

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Make operational and commercial forecasts.

Anticipate future costs and potential returns with advanced diagnostics and analytics.

End-to-end emissions monitoring and reporting.

Understand your emissions across all assets and derive actionable insights. Carbon Hub is the only solution designed for the energy industry that provides accurate and reliable reporting across multiple jurisdictions and localities.


Production accountants, emissions officers and executives gain vital visibility into Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with a streamlined data pipeline for all your assets.


Your team can then use Carbon Hub to look forward, focusing on improving operational efficiency and lowering emissions instead of constantly looking backward and trying to keep up with compliance. 

Carbon Hub was made for the energy industry by people who understand the energy industry. With a focus on the energy supply chain, Carbon Hub delivers insights that immediately impact your operations.


Other emissions solutions are designed to be used across different industries, but energy is complex. Validere made Carbon Hub with the understanding that each company, asset and facility will be different.

A platform for the entire energy supply chain.

Bringing the right technology and people together.

With Carbon Hub, you gain access to not only powerful software but also to our group of over 20 data scientists, 30 oil and gas experts and 20 physical scientists who understand the complexity of your business.
Our team will help integrate Carbon Hub into your organization in a frictionless process so the full potential of your data is always at your fingertips. Data and insights provided through Carbon Hub are verified for accuracy based on Validere’s analytics and diagnostics.

Validere acts as a trusted advisor and partner by helping our customers make fully informed decisions. With Carbon Hub and the available data, we work together with our clients to make key business decisions such as:


  • Optimizing capital allocation
  • Identifying the most impactful emissions reduction opportunities
  • Improving testing measurements


Our customers trust Validere because we understand their business at a comprehensive level and know their data from bottom to top.

Helping you make key decisions.

Customer Stories

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