Environmental, social and governance solutions for the oil & gas industry

The first step in emission reduction is measurement. We help companies quantify ESG attributes and monetize their progress.

Webinar: A Scalable Approach to Certifying Natural Gas

The legacy

Emissions are estimated with spreadsheets. No visibility into emissions reduction opportunities. No auditable means to validate emissions and other ESG attributes needed to trade credits or market low ESG impact products.

Measure, track, and account for ESG attributes throughout the “product” lifecycle to drive actual emissions reductions and get financial and reputational credit.

The modern

Testing, baselining, measurement and verification

Collect, aggregate, validate, and correlate your varied product data sources, and automate real-time emissions calculations throughout your infrastructure using 3rd party gas standards.

Advanced analytics for an auditable reduction strategy

Identify hidden sources of fugitive emissions by using advanced analytics to create a digital twin of your facilities so you can determine where a system-level imbalance is occurring.

Monetization of ESG carbon credits

With a trusted and auditable system of record of ESG attributes at the molecular level, trade credits with the market or capture a premium for lower emissions products.

Customer Story

Building a system of record for digital natural gas.

Validere enabled Xpansiv, global marketplace for data-driven, ESG-inclusive products, to embed attributes that support integration of ESG data into its commodities marketplace.

Device Frame

Product: Carbon Hub

Deliver ROI on GHG emissions reductions

Lower emissions in an auditable way so reductions can be efficiently monetized.

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