Guide: Your First Step in ESG - Validere
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Building an Essential Data Foundation

Your First Step in ESG

With the inevitable need to tackle ESG concerns, energy companies face a dizzying array of options: carbon sequestration, responsibly sourced gas, carbon offsets, third-party gas standards, advanced emission measurement tech, and many more.


But many companies, wanting to avoid one-off initiatives and greenwashing, are challenged with developing an ESG strategy integrated with core business functions and decisions.


Check out this guide to learn about the essential first steps you need to take, and the considerations that go into achieving verifiable emissions reduction.

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About Validere

Validere provides the only product data cloud for the oil and gas industry.


The platform delivers real-time visibility into the true composition and quality of oil and gas that enables organizations to identify operational efficiencies, make the highest-margin trading decisions, and drive tangible ESG improvements.


With more than 40 of North America’s leading energy companies relying on Validere’s insights, it is transforming the world’s largest supply chain by making critical product quality data accessible and actionable.