How AI-powered BI tools will redefine enterprise decision-making

In today’s VentureBeat issue, Steve Sloane, from Menlo Ventures, shares how AI will revolutionize business intelligence. Keep reading for details. 

In business intelligence, the ability to democratize and expand solutions has created significant value increases. However, business intelligence still involves quite a bit of manual labour to analyze large data sets. A business intelligence paradigm that is expected to grow in importance is one that integrates AI to propose solutions. 

This shift in business intelligence is becoming increasingly important as the amount of data collected grows, reaching consumers becomes more complex, and consumers have increased transparency to guide their decision-making. 

The data analytics space has excellent companies working to tackle this challenge. In the past six months, Snowflake launched into the top 10 cloud businesses, and Databricks raised $1 billion at a $28 billion valuation. In the energy sector, this challenge is being tackled by platforms like Validere that use AI to boost operators’ margins. To read more, click here

Tamara Teofanovic