Q&A with Jana Shelford, Validere’s new VP of Talent & Culture

We’re excited to welcome Jana Shelford as VP of Talent & Culture. We sat down with Jana to learn more about her story and outlook on the industry.

Tell us about your new role at Validere and the path you took to get here. 

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and from a very young age, I have appreciated how essential people are when it comes to business. I believe that human capital is the only area where companies can really differentiate themselves and that kindness matters. I pride myself on having a natural ability to read and understand the emotions of others. I have always been drawn to opportunities where I can help others, where my work is authentic and genuine. I have worked as a HR professional within the energy space for 9 years now, inclusive of E&P and energy analytics. My most recent role before joining Validere was at RS Energy Group (acquired by Enverus) where I was the HR Director for Canada. I had the privilege of joining RS in 2017.  Together, we grew the company from 75 to 250 employees, all while having a 3% attrition rate, a 4.9 rating on Glassdoor and growing the business to a billion dollar exit. My most significant learning at RS was that clarity is the core of success with relationships, performance, achievements and growth. My passion, fuelled by clarity and my core values, led me to my role now at Validere as VP, Talent & Culture. 

What attracted you to Validere? 

My first official introduction to Validere was through a meeting with our CEO, Nouman. I had only recently heard about Validere’s incredible work in the industry. The way that Nouman spoke about Validere and the future pulled at my emotional strings. Almost immediately I started to visualize in my head the people part – mapping it all out. I was excited and knew that I needed to be part of this story. I understood where Validere fit – a solution to an industry that has just scratched the surface with technology gains. Validere is unique in not only what we can do for our clients now, but how we can be part of the digital disruption of the energy space.  

How does Validere’s organizational culture differentiate us? 

Our culture focuses on achieving excellence. We openly talk about strengths, weaknesses, learnings and opportunities. That level of honesty and vulnerability is across the board. We appreciate cognitive diversity and different perspectives. Validere is not a company with fancy values hidden in an annual deck used only to make face. Our values drive how we act and what we do. This alignment and behavioural cohesion make us special and position us to attract and retain top talent. Simply put, we help each other be great. Who wouldn’t want that opportunity everyday?

Do you have any book or podcast recommendations? 

I believe that reading books (often) gives you a competitive advantage in this world. My most recent reads are The Slight Edge and Emotional Agility.

Tamara Teofanovic