Optimize your quality program. Improve efficiency & margins.

Validere’s AI and IoT platform helps midstream companies know true product quality in real-time and improve operational efficiency.

  • Improve operational efficiency by optimizing your measurement program
  • Capture maximum quality arbitrage with available product streams
  • Make quality dependent decisions like batching more efficiently
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What we do

Validere connects all measurement devices with proprietary software that reviews aggregate product data, and makes real-time analysis and predictions, to enhance your margins. Validere 360 (IoT) platform helps O&G companies capture, aggregate and verify all measurement and quality data from the field in real-time. Validere Edge (AI) optimizes logistics and trading using quality data. Market participants are introduced to win-win buying & selling opportunities for large arbitrage opportunities. For each opportunity, Validere’s AI engine predicts final blend quality, logistical costs, and realized price.

Why do quality and real-time insights matter

Why does quality matters?

Quality underpins everything, including how much you pay/receive for product and where it can be delivered. 


Why do real-time insights matter?

Current quality programs receive significant data and companies often don’t have the resources to review that data in real-time, and to use it to make correlations and predictions. The result is missed opportunities.

Client Success Stories

Learn how Validere can transform your business.

3M+ barrels per day are being measured and optimized with Validere software

Significant growth in value for 50+ leading North American clients across 360 and Edge

In good hands with O&G industry experts, Harvard data scientists, trading & commodities experts

Backed by leading energy & tech investors: Greylock, Wing, Sallyport, Y-Combinator, Real Ventures, Moment Ventures, Zhen Fund

Powered by AI & IoT + deep industry expertise


We believe the most complex challenges can only be solved by blending tech innovation with a deep understanding of the industry. By bringing together forward-thinking AI data scientists, industry veterans, and physical scientists. All working towards the same goal – to innovate oil & gas.