Optimize energy industry operations with system-level insights

Fragmented data and decisions hurt bottom lines. Aggregating all product data into a single source of truth enables teams across the organization to align on and action the most impactful actions.

Natural gas processing 2.0 – three keys to capturing hidden value

The legacy

Linear diagnosis of operational issues is time consuming and often doesn’t uncover the real problem.

System-level analysis using existing data and pattern recognition surfaces the top operational issues.

The modern

System level analysis using existing data and pattern recognition surfaces the top operational issues.

Quality and production data management

Automate the collection from various product quality data sources, aggregate into a single product cloud, and validate and augment using advanced analytics and an industry-wide dataset.

Real-time analysis for plant balancing

Apply advanced analytics against a single source of truth to optimize facilities at the system level → 90% of the time, the most significant cause is amongst the top five factors.

Better crude oil blending

Forecast blended properties and compare against real-time properties to proactively adjust operations to meet monthly target specifications.

Customer Story

Digitizing product quality management for crude oil operations.

Validere implemented a digital and analytics-driven quality management system, enabling a midstream company to substantially improve measurement accuracy and lower costs to the tune of nearly $500,000 per month in savings.

Device Frame

Product: Operations Hub

Improve opex ratio efficiency.

All the data that matters into a single source of truth. Increase facility throughput, lower capex and staff costs, and screen out poor quality input product.

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