The Opportunity

Oil and gas commodities have been hiding value for over 150 years.

Oil and gas commodities constantly change as they move through the supply chain. The further they get from the wellhead, the less we know about them. That lack of transparency is a barrier to taking out cost, increasing value, and realizing ESG gains.

The Solution

Molecule-level insights bring transparency to the product.

A molecular-level understanding of oil and gas commodities that provides their real-time composition and movement in the supply chain. This unprecedented level of transparency informs what commodities are worth and how to better process, manage and trade them.


A value engine that surfaces the most actionable priorities.

Our team of experts across energy, physical sciences, and data science partners with you to create a universal data layer made up of all of your product data that is key to understanding the full value of your molecules.  Using machine learning models trained with our industry-wide data sets, we help you prioritize actionable insights that lead to the best operational, trading and ESG outcomes.

Getting to the truth

Implement a trusted system of record, augmented analytics with market data

Surfacing shared priorities

Perform system-wide analysis to identify and remove blockers to value

Driving and scaling results

Build alignment on daily priorities across teams and make execution effortless

Our Customers

40+ leading oil and gas companies across North America rely on Validere.

“With Validere, we’ve been able to save millions in cost and risk [reduction] by more proactively managing quality with fewer resources. Their dedicated team has made the rollout across 27 sites painless and professional.”
Advisor, Pipeline Commercial Operations


Our product data cloud delivers tangible results.


Average netback uplift per barrel


Premium on environmentally conscious products


Operational savings of per month from better quality management

Our Team

70+ renowned experts.

Validere is a collective of leading data scientists, industry veterans, and physical scientists, all working towards the same goal – to unlock the largest opportunities for our clients, industry and the environment.