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Software that optimizes the oil and gas supply chain.

Validere delivers the most advanced quality intelligence to know true product quality in real-time and optimize logistics and trading. Over 3 million barrels per day are measured and optimized with Validere software, yielding significant cost savings and revenue enhancements for midstream and E&P organizations.

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Why quality matters

  • Quality underpins what crude is worth and where it can be delivered.
  • Quality is a key lever for margin enhancement and increased efficiencies across the entire supply chain
  • The industry is increasingly rewarding counterparties that make product quality measurement a focus

Why quality is more important than ever

  • Supply additions have come primarily from shale, with higher declines, causing infrastructure assets to be filled with new product qualities more frequently
  • New completion techniques, and enhanced recovery methods, have increased product quality variability and the associated risks
  • End product markets are shifting due to changing industrial demands and new environmental rules, creating changes in preferred crude qualities
  • Increased quality volatility has caused purchasers to push for the implementation of new quality rules to drive transparency and liquidity

Exploration & Production

Validere helps E&P organizations capture more value per barrel with audited real-time quality data, while preventing operational risks.

  • Avoid shut-ins & resolve custody disputes with audited, real time quality data

  • Get more value for your product by optimizing your quality

  • Outsource quality operations to Validere for expert management and lower costs


Validere empowers midstream companies to get true value for their product, while preventing quality risks and costs.

  • Improve operational efficiency by optimizing your measurement program

  • Capture maximum quality arbitrage with available product streams

  • Make quality dependent decisions like batching more efficiently


Validere helps refineries optimize infrastructure utilization, margins, and run-time.

  • Know true product quality data to avoid quality specific operational & financial risks

  • Improve margins by optimizing crude slate for the specific quality to achieve desired end market products

  • Optimize existing infrastructure with enhanced quality data 

Trusted by 50+ of North America’s leading oil and gas companies.

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  • E & P
  • Midstream
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Validere Edge

Get introduced to win-win buying & selling opportunities based on product quality.

Your most profitable opportunities are often complex to evaluate due to unique product qualities. Validere Edge’s AI engine analyzes product quality, logistical costs, and real-time market pricing to match you with optimal buying and selling partners for large arbitrage opportunities. 

Validere 360 | IoT / AI

Enhance operations from the field to HQ with data you can trust.

Validere’s IoT platform consolidates, automates, and validates all quality data onto a single platform. Real-time, reliable insights empower your teams to proactively pinpoint issues and make better, faster decisions. 

Innovating with human and artificial intelligence.


We believe the most complex challenges can only be solved by blending tech innovation with a deep understanding of the industry. By bringing together forward-thinking AI data scientists, industry veterans, and physical scientists. All working towards the same goal – to innovate oil & gas.

Join a team whose potential matches yours.

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