Get $5 – $9 more for the same barrel

Validere combines artificial and human intelligence to help midstream & upstream companies optimize blending, logistics, and trading.


Validere 360 (IoT)

Trust your data with Validere 360. Validere’s IoT platform consolidates, automates, and validates all quality data onto a single platform. Real-time, reliable insights empower your teams to proactively pinpoint issues and make better, faster decisions.

  • Trust quality data for production accounting

  • Promptly resolve custody transfer disputes

  • Never overpay for wet product again

  • Keep on-line analyzers calibrated with ease

  • Reduce re-tests, missed samples, & miscommunication.

  • Detect off-spec shipments in advance

Gain $2-$3 / barrel.


  • Intuitive sampling, testing workflow management & compliance tools
  • Alerting on off-spec results and outstanding workflows
  • Automated data entry and easy tracking/audit (Integration of quality data: FL, 3PL, OLA)
  • Multi-source trending
  • Alerting when on-lines drift and quick calibration with calibration curves
  • Intuitive equalization calculator
  • Industry expert advice on sampling & testing methods, calibration, resource allocation

Data integrity concerns?

We address data integrity gaps with both Valdiere devices and vendor-netural hardware.

We build proprietary hardware when lack of reliable equipment leaves big holes in your data set:

Validere Centrifuge Tube Reader

  • Digitizes key manual process
  • Providing an important data stream to Validere 360

  • Reduces human error

  • Provides client with important audit trail

Vapour Pressure Field Test Kit

  • Allows high quality blending at smaller remote facilities
  • Fast – results in 2 min
  • Portable and low cost
  • Automated Workflow management with Validere 360

When data integrity gaps remain, we’ll advise you on the optimal vendor-neutral instruments to fit your needs.

Get in touch to learn more.


Validere Alpha (AI)

Put AI to work with Validere Alpha. Valdiere’s AI engine optimizes blending, logistics, and trading. It combines trusted Validere 360 quality data from across your organization with our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and data sets.

  • Know which streams to blend for maximum arbitrage

  • Quickly view and schedule all facility product movement

  • Instantly audit all product purchases and deliveries

  • Quickly assess ROI of new infrastructure investment

Gain $3-$6 / barrel.


  • Real-time blending arbitrage forecasting with confidence intervals
  • Actionable insights for blending arbitrage improvement
  • Product delivery nominations and actuals comparison
  • Inter-site and intra-site product shipment tracking
  • Real-time tank usage and availability details
  • Price, volume and quality tracking for all product movement and storage
  • Off-spec quality warnings
  • Actionable insights for quality infrastructure improvement

Working with Validere


Easy to start

Low upfront investment. Works with existing infrastructure.



Our solutions are designed to make your life easier.



In safe hands with industry-leading encryption & security.



Our solutions are tailored to you. Backed by multi disciplinary experts.

Validere Devices

We build hardware when a lack of reliable equipment leaves voids in your dataset. We also advise on optimal vendor-neutral devices to address data integrity gaps.

BS&W Centrifuge Tube Reader

Our Centrifuge Tube Reader, or CTR, makes BS&W tests easy. Digitized test results and a high-resolution image of the centrifuge tube are immediately sent to Validere 360.

  • Calculate water cuts faster and easier than ever
  • Resolve custody transfer disputes with audit trails
  • Remove human error from the equation
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Analyze test results immediately. The CTR connects to the cloud server from remote locations and/or mobile testing units with built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Test results appear in Validere 360 linked to a report, which includes a high-resolution image of the tube along with detailed information about how the test method was executed.

Resolve custody transfer disputes swiftly and amicably with a digital audit trail. Each test result is stored as a ticket, containing details such as photo evidence, test standard adhered to, source of the sample, and which operator conducted the test.

Optimize BS&W results reliability by eliminating the largest source of inaccuracy: human error. The largest contributors to this error, different interpretations of centrifuge tube readings and faulty transcriptions, are no longer possible with the CTR and Validere 360.

Vapor Pressure Apparatus

Validere’s Vapor Pressure apparatus allows rapid assessment of vapor pressure in the field. This test method significantly improves usability over existing lab and field methods (ASTM D6377, ASTM D7975), and gives automated predictions of full lab-method results.

  • Eliminate the need for pressurized piston cylinders and temperature baths with a simple flow-through sampling procedure
  • Loved by operators for its user-friendly interface and accuracy
  • Estimate the results of full lab method (D6377) in real time with a confidence interval
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Increase the accuracy of your vapour pressure readings by providing operators with a device that is easy to use and love. Results from this convenient field method were corrected to 37.8C within a 3 kPa accuracy of the full lab method in side-by-side comparisons (ASTM D6377).

Third Party Lab Integration

Manage your external testing operations with ease.

Integrate test results from third-party labs by importing directly into Validere360. Validate your results and run analytics to recommend the best quality data to use for your records.

  • Optimize for quality and measurement accuracy
  • Reduce re-tests, missed samples, and miscommunication
  • Reduce your quality testing budget
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Validere Select – set auto validation criteria based on specification and statistical analysis. Go further with Validere Select to identify the best quality data source based off our machine intelligence and multiple testing sources.

Visualize your entire operations on Validere 360. View your quality and measurement data by location, instrument, and stream. Compare standards, operations, and quality from different sites.

Custom alerts – build your own alerts in Validere 360. Customize alerts based on values, sources, or locations. Get real-time notifications about changes in your operations, off-spec shipments, or unscheduled tests.

In-Line Analyzers

Never doubt your in-lines again.

Rely on time synchronized spot samples for real-time alerts when in-line readings begin to drift. Validere360 displays deviations between in-line readings and spot samples allowing you to quantify and address calibration issues.

  • Have confidence in your readings
  • Address calibration issues by adjusting your in-line(s)
  • View historical trends in Validere360
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Ensure in-line readings accuracy through time-synced comparisons between in-lines and scheduled field tests. Stream-specific curves automatically correct in-line readings based on specific crude types or producers.

Desktop Lab Devices

Monitor all your devices in real time.

Monitor your quality and measurement operations from all your hardware. Data is sourced from connected hardware, in-lines, and third-party labs.

  • Easily manage your existing devices
  • Identify gaps in your quality operations, or inaccuracies in results
  • Get alerted when samples are off-spec
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Visualize your entire operations on Validere360. View your quality and measurement data by location, instrument, and stream. Compare standards, operations, and quality from different sites.

Get alerted when samples are off-spec by setting up alerts in Validere360. Customize alerts based on values, sources, or locations. Eliminate blind spots due to crude quality that could lead to production upsets.