Q&A with Nicole Rogers, Validere’s new SVP of Sales

Validere is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicole Rogers as SVP of Sales. To better introduce her, I sat down with Nicole to learn a little more about her experience and view on the oil & gas industry. 

Q1: Tell us about your new role at Validere and the path you took to get here. 

I’m the career techie that’s had the opportunity to work with many innovative organizations across a variety of themes and roles. I’ve learned through this work that tech is at its best when it shows up in earnings calls, which is also likely the truest measure for transformation.  Technology must specifically deliver results to a profit center or cost center – Validere is executing on this today with abundant opportunity ahead. My most recent role was working in the software development space leading a team of experts focused on helping large enterprises make the technical, execution, and business shifts to modern software in their portfolios. We helped some of the world’s most respected companies make and save millions of dollars through their software decisions and use. I spent a large part of my career at a top 50 Global Fortune 500 organization gaining exposure to a vast portfolio. I learned that my passion sits in progressive technologies that affect massive changes vs minor improvements or tech enabled status quo.  I’m a proud Texas Aggie that fell into tech after earning my engineering degree.  

Q2: What attracted you to Validere? 

Validere’s execution to date is extremely impressive and even more interesting as we grow.  I’ve learned that personal and professional growth is a direct factor of who and what you surround yourself with.  Validere’s talent and position was a big attraction for me and I am already enjoying this benefit.  As a Houstonian, I’ve gotten to know the oil and gas industry through personal and professional experiences.  Although there are big tech players investing in the industry, the energy industry is far from enjoying the same technology gains of other industries similar in magnitude. That’s the opportunity we share with our customers – to bring pedigreed oil and tech together.  We are the only software that provides real-time visibility and insights into oil & gas composition.  Few tech players show a direct positive margin contribution to a barrel of oil.  We do that, and we’re getting better every day.  In short, Validere makes the business nerd in me happy. 

Q3: Validere is transforming oil and gas through technology. Where do you believe Validere’s technology will have the greatest impact?

Today and moving forward we have the opportunity to propel all players in the supply chain on a positive trajectory with the use of software.  In the short term, we’re executing by enabling new opportunities for our customers and deriving upside returns in their assets.  We provide them access to hidden value such as higher margin blending and/or trading opportunities.  With regard to their assets, we enable customers to increase facility, inventory and asset utilization while decreasing risk.  Part of our secret sauce is the creation of data sets that formerly haven’t existed.  Digitization across the entire value chain for oil and gas is a huge undertaking in and of itself.  

Q4: What do you forsee to be the greatest change in the oil & gas industry over the next 5 years?

I lived the tech view of the oil industry treading water to try and get through the 2016 downturn, ultimately accepting it’s likely oil would never go above $100bbl and the frenzy of dramatic change in years that followed. We’re here again. Validere has some of the most strategic minds in industry knowledge married with accredited technology minds to bring this change to bear.  Many organizations will not survive or drive stakeholder value without fundamental shifts in execution.  For example, many industry players are experiencing millions of dollars in product loss. Under financial duress, these seemingly impossible problems are a requirement to eliminate for industry participants to fully compete moving forward.  

Q5: Do you have any book or podcast recommendations? 

I would absolutely recommend anything from Brené Brown, she has great books, podcasts, and speeches. In particular, I love her content on the power of vulnerability. She has a gift for reconciling opposing perceptions and showing us how they can all be true at the same time – like masculinity, courage and vulnerability.   The applications are especially interesting in industries historically dominated by men. Her work is research-based with tangible actions on how this should come to fruition in teams like ours.  As a bonus, Brene is a fellow Houstonian and delivers content laced with the best humor. 


Elizabeth Gaudet