Our Technology

A platform for transparent and efficient inventory management.

We aggregate all your native data formats and use machine learning models trained using Validere’s industry-wide datasets to empower your team with the most powerful actionable insights.


The Challenge

Oil and Gas product data is complex and fragmented.

Measurements of the product is taken with scientific equipment that is far from scientists and their labs and has traditionally been trapped in distributed locations. As a result, product data might be missing, conflicting, and lacking an audit trail that can be easily viewed and trusted.


Our Solution

A universal data layer.

Validere creates a universal data layer with all of your product information that serves as a single source of the truth across the business. Built on this trusted system of record are AI-enabled business applications that provide real time insights for smarter decisions by operations, commercial, and ESG teams.


Connect to all existing telemetry, sensors, and other data sources.


Ensure accuracy by using ML models to address bad or conflicting data.


Fill in the gaps using industry leading data set and proprietary models.


Create audit trails and produce a single source of truth.

The only Product Data Cloud for Oil and Gas.

A platform for AI-powered business apps to enable oil and gas companies to better manage core operations, increase trading profits, and reduce carbon footprint.

Operation Hub

All product data in a single source of truth so that the most impactful operational actions can be surfaced and actioned.

Commercial Hub

Get pricing and product quality transparency and access to an online market of more than 440K bbl/day.


Measure and track 30+ ESG-related attributes and realize up to a 5% premium on ESG-conscious product.

3rd Party Apps

Leverage Validere’s product data cloud to optimize operations, trading profits, and emission reductions.


Our data cloud delivered tangible results.


Average netback uplift per barrel


Premium on environmentally conscious products


Operational savings of per month from better quality management

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