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Our latest product update coincides with a new product feature release which is now available! By popular request, this edition focuses on the Notifications feature.

For more information on other features, please refer to our Knowledge Base or feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected].

Notifications: Account Preferences

This feature allows each user to customize the notifications they receive from Validere 360 by site and by notification type.

The three notification types refer to the following:

  • Off-spec: Receive a notification when tests are not within specified limits.
  • Non-routine: Receive a notification when tests are not associated with a scheduled workflow.
  • Orphan: Receive a notification when tests are not associated with any of the streams (sample points) in Validere 360.

Notification preferences can be adjusted by navigating to the ‘Settings’ tab on the sidebar and selecting ‘Account’, and then ‘Notifications’. The three different notification types can then be customized on a per-site basis as shown below.

Users can also edit the time of day in which they receive their daily workflow digests.


Notifications: Company Preferences

In addition to individual notification preferences, the feature allows administrators to set the default notification preferences on Validere 360 either for:

  • All users in the organization, or
  • Specific users based on role


Role-based settings will override company-wide settings whenever both are defined for a given user.

Additional Resources and Feedback

The above information along with other useful explanations of the Validere 360 features can be found on our knowledge base.

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Sami Zakaria