Validere 360

Rely on unequivocal product quality data and insights to improve margins

Aggregating all the data sources and feeds that matter into a single source of truth, the Validere 360 platform delivers real-time, reliable insights that significantly improve the impact and efficiency of teams involved in operational and commercial decisions. 

  • Provides certainty on quality parameters to make data useful and actionable
  • Reduces off-spec products, operational risk, and product loss
  • Streamlines facility balancing & allocations
  • Drives operational improvements & helps safeguard against reputational damage

Real-time, accurate data for facilities

Predictive analytics fill in blind spots

Optimal sampling & testing workflows

Alerts when there is off norm data

Audit trails for dispute resolution

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Creating value with your data

Real-time visibility into product quality

Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) helps to connect field lab devices and consolidate quality data in a single source of truth.

Plant balancing becomes efficient and easy

Tailored analysis by a team of industry experts to ensure the facility is balanced to achieve monthly standards and recognize measurement or quality errors.

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Client Success Stories

Innovating with human and artificial intelligence.


We believe the most complex challenges can only be solved by blending tech innovation with a deep understanding of the industry. By bringing together forward-thinking AI data scientists, industry veterans, and physical scientists. All working towards the same goal – to innovate oil & gas.

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