Validere partner Xpansiv scales intelligent commodities market

In today’s Investable Universe issue, Xpansiv and Daml’s partnership was announced, including their plans to transform the marketplace with new standards for ESG transparency. 

This week, Xpansiv announced their plans to integrate Daml, a multi-party platform developed by Digital Asset, into their commodity trading platform. With Daml’s capabilities, Xpansiv will be able to provide more credible ESG information to their clients. For the entire lifecycle of the digital commodity, producers will be able to align with their ESG benchmarks as the assets move through the supply chain. Digital Asset’s Co-founder is hopeful that Xpansiv and Daml’s partnership will set the standard for ESG markets globally. 

Before this partnership, Validere and Xpansiv have been working together to attach a suite of attributes, including ESG attributes verified by independent certification bodies, to the molecules in an energy supply chain. With more credible ESG information, Validere will provide producers with more in-depth data to make better business decisions. For more details, click here.

Tamara Teofanovic