Parkes Scientific to offer BS&W testing through Validere’s Centrifuge Tube Reader

February 27, 2020 – Calgary, Alberta Validere, a leading AI technology company, is pleased to announce that Parkes Scientific will be offering Validere solutions, specifically the Centrifuge Tube Reader (CTR), for accurate and compliant BS&W analysis for their customers.  

The CTR provides accurate BS&W measurements, following the approved ASTM D4007 method, while avoiding human error in reading and transcription. The results are automatically uploaded to the client’s screen through Validere’s software to provide a full audit trail, including high-quality tube images and fluorescence imaging to identify hidden emulsions. Industry participants can now test the CTR at Parkes Scientific. 

“It’s great to add Validere to our list of solutions for clients. We’ve seen a big push across the industry for more accurate BS&W testing and it’s nice to see a solution that combines software and hardware to solve the risks associated with this measurement,” said Reed Parkes of Parkes Scientific.  

“Parkes has been a great partner in terms of their responsiveness to train and coordinate with our new clients. We look forward to introducing further industry solutions through our partnership” said Mark Le Dain, VP Strategy at Validere.

About Validere

Validere provides oil & gas organizations with real-time product quality data and predictive insights that optimize critical operational, logistics, and trading decisions. Validere was founded in 2015 at Harvard by entrepreneurs who recognized the enormous opportunity to bring data transparency and innovation to oil & gas. The company is backed by some of the world’s most notable tech and energy investors including Y Combinator and Sallyport Investments.

About Parkes Scientific 

Parkes Scientific Canada Inc. (PSC) is based in Edmonton and services the laboratory industry. PSC provides repairs and calibration for all products sold and is committed to the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Adam Weinstein