Volume, quality, and separating the rum from the coke

Validere’s Kayla Ball sat down with Michael O’Sullivan on the Oil and Gas Tech Podcast to share how radical transparency allows Oil & Gas Companies to make smarter decisions faster. Keep reading for details. 

Before the transparency of volume and quality was questioned, there was little proliferation of data science in the industry. Kayla Ball added, “we’re not good stewards of information in oil & gas.” There continue to be information and process boundaries across downstream, midstream, and upstream industries. Validere focuses on removing this friction by providing real-time data that buyers and sellers can trust. What makes the company unique is the incredible group of individuals on our team, particularly our Data Scientists, who understand the problem and codify our solution. 

Kayla Ball, Validere’s SVP Product, works on ensuring our solution fits with the problem we are solving for. She adds, “the problems never go away; they just change.” The industry needs radical transparency to track the constantly changing quality and volume of crude oil. Buyers and sellers must operate from the same playbook, one source of truth that all parties can trust. Validere has done this by creating digital twins of the physical facilities to provide transparency and predictive factors. By using our technology, oil & gas companies can make smarter decisions faster. 

It doesn’t stop there. We can now attach attributes to the digital twins such as ESGs. Validere can certify the molecular level as a neutral third party and if a company’s operations are carbon neutral or carbon negative. To learn, click here

Tamara Teofanovic