Webinar: The future of facility balancing through centralized platforms and predictive analytics. - Validere
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Webinar: The future of facility balancing through centralized platforms and predictive analytics.


Time: Thursday, August 13th, 10:00am MT, 11:00am CT

Speaker: Dr. Ian Burgess,  CTO



Technology has revolutionized the way to think about monthly balancing, allowing it to transition from a laborious and meticulous task to a streamlined, analytics-powered process. This webinar will cover recent innovations pioneered by Validere, including the Record of Quality (RoQ) feature, that makes it possible for facility operations and data to be tracked, consolidated, and easily communicated throughout teams. Validated data, real time insights, and proactive alerts make it easy to identify & plug the highest value gaps. Teams are empowered to make the highest margin commercial decisions using accurate measurement and predictive insights.

Who will value from attending

  • Production accountants will learn how to streamline month-end balancing and inform commercially advantageous decisions.
    Analytical tools have been developed for transparent communication, guiding margin improvements for organizational stakeholders. Customizable sample selection can be used to mitigate balancing errors facilitated by the increased transparency into field operators sampling procedures, saving time and effort.
  • Marketing and commercial functions will learn how to quickly pinpoint the largest facility problems and maintain a defensible audit trail.
    Optimized internal balancing programs enable accurate month-out production recommendations. Time savings across the PA and operations team are inevitable as focus shifts to analyzing high value decisions. Leverage one source of truth for insights and quality data for a commercial advantage.
  • Operations & quality optimization functions will learn how to optimize sampling programs through workflows and statistical analysis.
    Seamless communication between departments will enable consistent justification of all operational decisions. Data will be readily available to resolve problems that are proactively being identified. A comprehensive organization of operational records will mitigate counterparty disputes.

Balancing, allocations, and audit trails have become significantly easier to track and communicate amongst users, saving time and dollars. We’re looking forward to walking you through industry examples of how Validere is enabling peers to digitize and improve facility operations.