Webinar: Methane Emissions Measurement: When Is It Enough? - Validere
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Methane Emissions Measurement: When Is It Enough?

The importance of understanding and reducing methane emissions has reached critical mass.  


During COP26, over 100 nations and dozens of companies pledged to significantly reduce or eliminate methane emissions by 2030. These commitments are meant to address an existential threat, where access to investors and capital are at risk for the oil and gas industry.

Erin Tullos, expert in emissions and environmental compliance and Director of Environmental Sciences at ChampionX, joins us to discuss: 

  • How the industry currently measures methane emissions and exciting new changes on the horizon
  • The best and worst technologies for emissions measurement used today
  • Top decision criteria to consider when designing or upgrading your emissions measurement system

Is your measurement system enough – or is it too much? Register now to find out.

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Speaker Profiles

Kayla Ball

SVP, Product


Kayla has spent her career bringing together the best of the energy and tech industries to solve the world’s most critical problems. She brings 10+ years of product management experience as the Managing Director of Strategy at Enverus, and the Portfolio Strategy Director at IHS Markit.

Erin Tullos

Director of R&D


Erin currently builds innovative methane emissions detection and reduction strategies at an industrial scale. Previously, she worked in industry doing research in emissions and environmental science, managing a portfolio of federal air regulations, and as a refinery environmental regulatory advisor.

About Validere

Validere provides the only product data cloud for the oil and gas industry.


The platform delivers real-time visibility into the true composition and quality of oil and gas that enables organizations to identify operational efficiencies, make the highest-margin trading decisions, and drive tangible ESG improvements.


With more than 40 of North America’s leading energy companies relying on Validere’s insights, it is transforming the world’s largest supply chain by making critical product quality data accessible and actionable.