Webinar: Track Quality Without Costly Devices Using Virtual Analyzers - Validere
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Webinar: Track Quality Without Costly Devices Using Virtual Analyzers


Speaker: Dr. Ian Burgess, Validere, CTO



This webinar covered virtual analyzers – a significant innovation that is changing how product quality is measured and monitored. Virtual analyzers make it possible to accurately monitor properties throughout your facility, in real-time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional analyzers. They can also monitor properties that traditional analyzers cannot.

You’ll learn:

  • What virtual analyzers are, how they work, their advantages and limitations
  • How to monitor properties in real-time at a fraction of the cost of physical analyzers
  • How to track properties that were previously not feasible to track economically (i.e. vapour pressure at smaller battery and terminal sites, TAN and distillation cuts at major trading hubs)
  • How virtual analyzers complement limited bandwidth of field operators to provide high coverage monitoring of critical quality variables (i.e. vapour pressure at geographically distributed gathering systems and truck terminals)

Watch Webinar

This webinar provided operations, engineering, and marketing specialists at midstream and E&P companies with valuable insights on optimizing their measurement programs to unlock blending opportunities and mitigate off-spec delivery and contamination risk.