Webinar: Natural Gas Processing 2.0 - Three Keys to Capturing Hidden Value - Validere
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Natural Gas Processing 2.0 – Three Keys to Capturing Hidden Value

High-value natural gas processing can be inhibited by plant imbalances, inconsistent allocations, and the inability to report on and reduce emissions.


With better use of existing production data, natural gas processing can be improved through molecular data tracking, analytics-driven prioritization of process improvements, and accurate value prediction and capture.


The result is higher plant efficiency and utilization, greater certainty and value for producers, and support for emerging ESG initiatives.


Learn the three keys to capturing hidden value in natural gas processing:

  • Reduce overpayments and product loss by identifying and prioritizing the sources of gas plant imbalance in real-time
  • Jumpstart ESG initiatives by tracking ESG attributes across the entire lifecycle so that full ESG value can be quantified
  • Continuously adapt to changing market conditions by sourcing the right supply at the right time

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Dr. Ian Burgess

Ian is an expert in analytical technologies and interdisciplinary scientist, who holds 15 patents, 31 publications, and a R&D 100 Award. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard and a Bachelor’s in Math and Physics from the University of Waterloo. Ian enjoys spending time with his daughters and playing golf.

Kayla Ball

Kayla Ball

Kayla is a respected leader with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and customer needs. As Managing Director of Commercial Strategy at Enervus, Kayla championed the customer’s voice to determine product gaps and drive product strategy. She also served as IHS Market’s Portfolio Strategic Director, responsible for leading the product management team.

About Validere

Validere’s insights and team of experts enable industry participants to identify operational efficiencies and the highest-margin marketing and supply opportunities. The first and only software that provides real-time visibility into the true composition (quality) of oil and gas.


Validere is transforming the world’s largest supply chain by making critical product quality data available, accessible, and actionable.


Over 40 of North America’s leading energy companies rely on Validere to enhance margins and reduce emissions.

Learn how Validere can help transform your business.