Why is Validere a Great Place to Work?

Validere has recently achieved not one, not two, but three recognitions for being a top-notch place to work! In December, we achieved Great Place to Work status, and this month we’ve also been recognized on the 2022 Best Workplaces for Start-Ups and 2022 Best Workplaces in Canada lists.

These certifications are based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience. They define a great workplace by the level of trust employees have in their leaders, the level of pride they have in their jobs, and how much they enjoy their teammates.

But what’s really happening behind the scenes to give us such accolades? Check out some of the real and raw employee feedback for yourself, and find our current job openings here.

What is your favourite part of working for Validere? 

Amrrita Sethi, Technical Implementation Specialist: “The speed at which we explore and execute on new ideas. It lends itself to an environment that fosters constant learning with fantastic team members, which is rewarding.”

Dudon Wai, Product Manager: “I’ve worked in the energy industry since 2013. Global sustainability has always been part of the conversation, but progress was slow because the problem is so technical and complex. It’s not easy to answer questions like “who generated emissions?”, “how much?”, “what is the cost of emissions, and what is the value of reducing the footprint?”. Validere tackles that problem head on by making data accessible and transparent, and it’s great to take part in pioneering that for the industry, knowing that it will enable even more sustainability solutions.”

Hugo Quinte Haro, IT Support Specialist: The people and work-life balance mentality within the company. Everyone is always willing to help and very easy to reach out to. I also love the fact that we focus on balance and mental health – it makes you feel like the company cares about you as a person and not only as an asset.”

Mark Le Dain, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development: “Working with smart people, smart clients, and solving a big problem that impacts everyone. Energy is an input in everything and more efficient energy means cheaper inputs and fewer emissions.” 

Patrick Robinson, Data Scientist: “How incredibly intelligent the entire team is, and how we’re able to leverage that to come up with really excellent solutions to client problems. One of the consequences of this is that egos really don’t get in the way at work, and there’s a strong sense of collaboration; if someone needs help, they can reach out to anyone, whether an intern or an SVP, and (when they have time) that person will get back to you.”

What is your most memorable Validere experience? 

Zubair Virjee, Technical Success Manager: I worked very closely and directly with Ian (our Co-Founder & President) on an executive summary report for a client. I remember us going back and forth, feeding off each other, but what was so memorable was the opportunity to share and capture our combined thoughts, and learn about each other’s strengths as we were creating this report.” 

Amrrita Sethi, Technical Implementation Specialist: “We recently did a games night that ended up being multiple rounds of Code Names with the Product, Engineering, and Analytics teams. I am now a proud owner of Code Names, so it’s safe to say that it was a great event.” 

Mark Le Dain, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development: “Years ago when we first started we were in a shared space and one time during a client call a dog in the space came up to us and pooped right on our shoes. We weren’t upset though because we’d just signed our six or seventh client.” 

How is Validere different from other start-ups? 

Breah Tanner, Data Scientist: “The amazing people from top to bottom. The supportive and ego-free environment has allowed me to grow as an individual 10x more compared to other experiences I’ve had in the tech start-up space.” 

Patrick Robinson, Data Scientist: The culture that existed when I started with just 12 people in the company has persisted as we’ve grown to over 100 people. The founders were deliberate about the kind of people they wanted to hire from the beginning, to make sure the company was full of very intelligent, problem-solving, collaborative, friendly people, and as other hiring managers have taken over those duties, the caliber and type of people being hired has stayed the same. That consistency has allowed us to ramp up the high-level solutions we can provide to our clients.” 

Zubair Virjee, Technical Success Manager: “This is a team that is looking to break down barriers. If an opportunity exists to add value or remove friction, the team at Validere is not only supportive in implementing the solution but in fact provides you the opportunity to lead that implementation.”

Dudon Wai, Product Manager: “There’s a stronger culture of initiative that I’ve seen at Validere, paired with empowerment from leadership to try new things. When we start at Validere, we’re encouraged to read an article by Dan Debow on the “Helpful Hierarchy” where good initiative is finding and flagging a problem, while great initiative is feeling empowered to solve a problem as it arises, and inform or seek guidance only as needed. In short, we get things done!”

Kristin Makulowich, Data Scientist: “People seem to genuinely enjoy working at Validere and are invested in the company’s success.”  

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Tamara Teofanovic